Water radiator KART RACING “EXTRA”, Aluminium, Single circuit

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  • Water radiator KART
  • Aluminium, Single circuit
  • “Racing EXTRA”

Cod. KR-090S

Constructive System: TW1-26


  • Radiator Overall dimensions*: 272 x 80 x 45 [mm]
  • Core size: 200 x 67 x 26 [mm]
  • Total Weight: 0,3 [kg]

* excluding brackets and filler cap


Water radiator KART RACING “EXTRA”: for those who are looking for even higher performance!

Made by the exclusive technology “Lightened Aluminium” and assembled by “CAB” brazing processes, this SINGLE CIRCUIT cooling kart radiator is designed to be positioned next to any aluminum radiator of Kart Radiators products.

The water radiator KART RACING “EXTRA” is designed to be placed (side by side or in any other permissible position) to an existing kart radiator.

The exclusive positioning of inlet / outlet pipes, together with the extreme low weight (0.3 kg), makes it “self-supporting” and often installed without any specific type of support.

For more technical characteristics, please refer to the table in this section.
Dimensions are always given in [mm] and in the following order: height x width x thickness.

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Weight 4 kg

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