General conditions of warranty


Those warranty conditions set the supplied technical assistance from Frasma S.r.l., owner of “” trademark and the Customer, in order to assure the qualitative conformity of the product, in accordance with Customer demand.
The application of these General Conditions of Warranty refers to any equipment supplied by Frasma S.r.l., under the brand “”
This document represent an integral part of “General Conditions of Sale”.


Frasma S.r.l. defines “Product under warranty” each product covered by established warranty period.


Frasma S.r.l. warrants to the Customer, that her products and supplies will be free from defects in materials and workmanship after the date of purchase (with reference to purchase invoice), for the period of 12 months, when properly installed and used.
Warranty is valid in countries where Frasma S.r.l. is present with “” trademark in terms of sales of her products.
Warranty does not apply to defects resulting from:
1. improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration;
2. unauthorised modification;
3. unauthorised misuse;
4. abuse, unobserved, incident, loss or damage during the transport.
Each one of these causes will lose the warranty product.
This warranty terms, are exclusive on limits by local laws. Frasma S.r.l. not admit any other warranty or condition, write or oral, explicit or implicit. In particular, Frasma S.r.l. excludes any other marketing warranty or condition, satisfactory quality or suitable to particular use.
The product recognizable under warranty, can be returned to the Customer by credit note*, or addition / replace of defected product.

*See Return Policy


The Customer is the only responsible of the product safety. Frasma S.r.l. doesn’t accept any responsibility rom applications or modifies to the product who can compromise the product safety at the moment of installation and start-up.
In case of product’s delivery for repair or substitution, the product must be delivered with the original package and without any other additional part. At the moment of receipt of the goods, any claim for transport damages will be accepted for any part of it (additional parts included).


Any modify or reproduction is forbidden if not expressly put in writing by Frasma S.r.l.