Kart radiators

Our Kart Radiators Line

Kart Radiators, with the aim to meet the optimum performance of racing engines and cooling temperatures, to maintain the minimum and maximum within well-defined levels, through a materials dimensional optimization, employed for the realization of the various kart radiator components, it has been designed the KART RADIATORS LINE.

Kart Radiators development

Developed directly on circuits, thanks to the cooperation between FRASMA and some important Italian Teams, consists in eight models: six models made in “Lightened Aluminium” and two made in “Copper-Brass” technology.

The philosophy that inspires our kart radiators

All our kart radiators, made with technologies “Lightweight Aluminum” or “Copper-Brass”, on Kart Radiator web site, are built with cutting-edge technologies.

Our kart radiators are designed for professionals and amateurs, who share a passion for racing and designed to satisfy even the most demanding drivers.

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