Water radiator KART RACING “NEW TOP 1”, Aluminium, Triple circuit – 50% OFF

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  • Water radiator KART
  • Aluminium, Triple circuit
  • “Racing NEW TOP 1”

Cod. KR-130T

Constructive System: TW2-45


  • Radiator Overall dimensions*: 435 x 285 x 55 [mm]
  • Core size: 340 x 275 x 45 [mm]
  •  Nr. pipes rows: 2
  • Total Weight: 1,950 [kg]

* excluding brackets and filler cap

50% OFF


50% OFF

The water radiator KART RACING “NEW TOP 1” is specially designed for racing.

Made by the exclusive  “Aluminium technology and assembled by “CAB” brazing processes, this TRIPLE CIRCUIT cooling kart radiator, represents the full entry into the “TOP Range” of kart racing world.

Unique characteristics of the “TOP Range” are the “visible welds”, first buffed then polished. This particular surface with “Silver Paint finiture”, is obtained by an exclusively artisanal special process that makes each kart radiator a real unique piece.

The upper and lower tanks in this KART RACING “NEW TOP 1” water radiator, are also made and assembled by hand by a master craftsman.

The water radiator KART RACING “NEW TOP 1” with triple circulation, has superiors characteristics of hardness and performance and has equipped with side plates, which are welded four mounting reinforced brackets with increased thickness, specially prepared for connection to the kart radiator frame supports (not included).

This particular processing, gives to the radiator KART RACING “NEW TOP 1” unique qualities of resistance to vibrations, making it also suitable for mounting on any type of kart with liquid-cooled engine.

The water radiator KART RACING “NEW TOP 1” is equipped with 1,6” plastic filler cap with vent (Natural Filling System), 1 bar pressure.

For more technical characteristics, please refer to the table in this section.
Dimensions are always given in [mm] and in the following order: height x width x thickness.

50% OFF

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