Water radiator KART RACING “HPT”, Copper-Brass, Triple circuit – 50% OFF

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  • Water radiator KART
  • Copper-Brass, Triple circuit
  • “Racing HPT”

Cod. KR-200 T

Constructive System: LTI 2


  • Radiator Overall dimensions*: 435 x 270 x 45 [mm]
  • Core size: 340 x 260 x 37 [mm]
  • Total Weight: 3,0 [kg]

* excluding brackets and filler cap


50% OFF

The water radiator KART RACING STD “HPT” is specially designed for racing.

Made by the exclusive technology “Copper-Brass” and with core assembled by automatic brazing processes, this TRIPLE CIRCUIT cooling kart radiator represents a valid alternative to the classic kart radiators made of “lightened aluminum technologies”

Frequently happen to use additional weights to comply with the minimum mass limits imposed by the racing regulations.

With the use of the water radiator KART RACING “HPT”, thanks to the increased weight (+ 1kg)* it’s consequently use less additional weight, providing excellent heat transfer performance.

Tested in the wind tunnel, this triple circulation kart radiator can get to guarantee an increase cooling performance up to 30%**, with exceptional features stabilization of cooling temperatures.

The water radiator KART RACING “HPT”, has the entire components made in a traditional but exclusively artisanal special process, while the radiator core assembly takes place semi-automatically and always under supervision of experienced personnel.

The water radiator KART RACING “HPT” with triple circulation, has equipped with side plates soldered directly on the core radiator, which are welded and riveted with four increased thickness mounting brackets, specially prepared for connection to the kart radiator frame supports (not included).

This particular processing, gives to the water radiator KART RACING “HPT” unique qualities of resistance to vibrations, making it also suitable for mounting on any type of kart with liquid-cooled engine.

The water radiator KART RACING “HPT” is equipped with metal filler cap, 0.9 bar pressure.

For more technical characteristics, please refer to the table in this section.
Dimensions are always given in [mm] and in the following order: height x width x thickness.

* compared to an aluminum radiator of equivalent dimensions
** compared to an aluminum radiator of the same size and in the same conditions of use

50% OFF

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Weight 4 kg

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